Derrick Rose 50 point game

Playing like the MVP he was back in 2010-11 season. Finally coming to one of his career high game Derrick Rose drops 50 points against the Utah Jazz, which made his career  high this 2018-19 season,  pulling out a close victory and ending the Jazz winning streak 125- 128. After the game Derrick Rose was emotional due to the hard work and decantation he put in on and off the court, and over the years rose battle injuries throw out his career which made other NBA team over look his ability. they showed no hope in Rose. which the timberwolves gave Rose another shot. his 1st game starting this season against the jazz Rose shot 19 of 31 from the field including 4 out of 7 shots  from the 3pt range as well as having a couple of assist to his teammates well as scoring 50 pts to start off his 2018-19 season.


Bolts Top speed


Usain Bolt is current the world recored holder in the 100 meter dash with a time of 9.58 meters. First man ever to break the 200m recored well as breaking the 100m recored. Bolt is an 11 time world champion with an outstanding time in the 200m dash with a time of 19.19sec.

Bolt is name one of the fastest man to live. In 2009 in his prime Bolt average speed was about 23.35 MPH. His fastest time ever clock at is 27.8 Mph, fastest man to live. Bolt is one of the greatest World class sprinters ever live.

breakfast meal plans for athletes


Being a Athlete they have to maintain a healthily meal plan well as  fueling their bodies correctly.  Eating healthy is a large chunk of being a  athlete. Breakfast is the most important part of the day for and athlete. breakfast is needed plenty of carbohydrates and protein in a breakfast meal. some food choices for breakfast include fruits, oatmeal, whole grain cereals, eggs, etc..

meal frequency, you can benefit from increased energy levels throughout the ay by eating frequently. Eating every two to four hours, or the total of six meals a day, is ideal for most athletes.  By eating smaller meals more frequently, you can meet the daily calorie requirements your body needs to perform, keep your metabolism high and maintain a good blood stream level.


Today with good vibes

Starting the day off right with good vibes! You can easily make someones day by smiling and telling them good morning. Even if you anywhere on campus, and if you see someone that looks like they’re  having a bad day or anything you should be positive and brighting their day. “Thats having a good vibe as well as bring positivity to someone.